Case Study: Traackr

Setting the State of the Industry in 2020
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Traackr is a data-driven influencer marketing platform that works with hundreds of globally-recognized brands and agencies in almost 20 languages. Through Traackr’s platform, brands can identify influencers and trends that are key to their industry.


  • Position Traackr as the leading, data-driven influencer marketing platform
  • Leverage depth of data and insights in the beauty and fashion sectors to make Traackr go-to source for everything new and relevant
  • Drive media interest in Traackr’s data-driven platform and expertise and support sales team with targeted use cases


Gravitate PR collaborated with Traackr to extract compelling data from its platform and weave it into a comprehensive report, showcasing rising trends in H1 2020 across the fashion and beauty industries.

In addition to creating the report Gravitate PR facilitated an exclusive virtual media event for Traackr to announce key findings, developed talking points and briefing SMEs, and conducted media outreach to a broader scope of industry reporters.


Gravitate secured attendance of top tier media at the virtual event, including reporters from: Business of Fashion, WWD, CNN Business and Glossy. Beyond the launch, Gravitate utilized the report to build relationships with reporters and create a steady drumbeat of storylines, elevating Traackr as the go-to data/insight source across marketing, business, beauty and fashion verticals.

Additionally, as a direct result of our initiatives, Traackr received 1,015 downloads of the SOI, and achieved a 1.04% CTR average for advertising campaigns targeting beauty companies on LinkedIn (3x industry the standard).

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