Gravitate PR is a full-service communications, public relations, and branding machine. Our team has the expertise to decipher which strategies will work best for each of our clients by thoroughly understanding their opportunities, challenges, and goals to create a customized communications plan.

Our core strategy ...

PR Strategy & Planning

We develop an approach that maps back to your marketing goals and business objectives

positioning & Messaging

We work with you to describe your brand in a clear, compelling and consistent way

Content Creation

We produce contagious collateral – from press releases, bylines, blogs and other materials

Media Relations

Proactive and reactive efforts to build and maintain journalist relationships

Ensuring the right message comes from the top ...

Thought Leadership

Solidify your authority and expertise among competitors and in your industry

Executive Comms

Build the brand profile and thought leadership of your key spokespeople

Media Training

Know the ins and outs of speaking to the press

Speaking Engagements

Promote your brand and leadership on stage

Keeping your investors happy ...

M&a and IPOs

Set the tone ahead of, during and beyond this milestone financial event

Analyst Relations

Initiate vendor briefings and interactions to get you to the top of the quadrant

Driving customer growth ...

Customer Programs

Employ the voice of your customers to tell your story


Drive attendance and buzz around your event, considering hot themes, speakers and venues

Award Submissions

Accolades among your peers and the industry to highlight your leadership among the pack

Influencer Relations

Engage with bloggers and influencers who matter on LinkedIn, Twitter and other channels

Social Media

Targetted campaigns to drive engagement for your business and senior management

Data Storytelling

Build and accelerate the use of proprietary and/or third-party data to make you the authority and credibility in your field

Even when things don't go to plan ...

Crisis Comms

Protect and defend your brand against any challenges to its reputation

So you can conquer new and existing markets!

Global Reach

Convey your story in a way that transcends borders and understands cultural nuances
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