Black Lives Matter: Supporting Our Community

Black lives matter. The racially-charged events over the last few weeks have alarmed, saddened and deeply affected us. The social injustices in our country are not new, but now the communities most affected are also facing threats from the COVID-19 pandemic and steep unemployment rates. 

As I write this, many peaceful, unified protests occur across the world and individuals are educating themselves, funding organizations and elevating the voices of strong black activists. This has also led me to wonder what else we can do as a business to move towards long-term, societal change.  

As a boutique PR agency, we do not have vast resources, however there is a lot that we can still do in areas including culture (doubling down on our commitment to diversity & inclusion, in areas including hiring and training), finance (supporting minority-owned businesses – particularly small businesses) and education (sharing and consuming various materials, such as books, podcasts, articles, etc). 

Below are several spreadsheets that we’ve put together of resources (and we welcome any additions):

Last, there is an opportunity for accountability within and among businesses. Both individuals and businesses should hold each other accountable for their promises, actions and words. As a PR agency we are in a unique position to partner with our clients on how they can be authentic and inclusive – ensuring that all voices are seen and heard. As part of the greater social community, businesses have a responsibility to earn trust through action, and take a stand on public issues with proper care and attention. True positive change occurs through all of us – whether as an individual, startup or global organization.

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