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Five Basic Tips for Influencer Marketing Success

The proliferation of social media, the flood of emails in our inbox each day, and the fact that PR pros now outnumber journalists in the U.S. by a 5 to

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The Strategic Role of Communication During an M&A

It’s been a mega technology mergers and acquisitions (M&As) bingefest in the last month. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26.2 billion. Last week, Yahoo sold to Verizon

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Going Beyond Share of Voice: Measuring Public Relations Efforts

Compared to advertising and marketing, public relations has traditionally been more difficult to measure. While advertising and marketing have been awash in quantifiable measures such as CTR

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Five Avoidable Reasons Clients Fire PR Agencies

After spending more than a decade in public relations working at large global agencies, boutique firms and in-house – I’ve had the privilege of partnering with clients of all sizes and dynamics – and also being a client myself.

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Preparing for an IPO: What PR Pros Need to Know

2016 was a slow year for companies going public. Stock market volatility, political uncertainty and disconnects in private-public valuations have resulted in a lukewarm initial public offering (IPO) market, down

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Dissecting Apple’s Event: A Few PR Takeaways

Over the years, Apple has built up its allure as a company that has been able to generate its own news cycle weeks ahead of its event. While there are

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Here's What Led to me Starting GravitatePR

My first job after graduating from university was at a boutique public relations agency called Bird & Hill that had a number of business-to-business (B2B) technology clients in Australia.

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Introducing Gravitate PR

Gravitate PR is a public relations agency that partners with tech business-to-business (B2B) companies to help them achieve their goals. Whether the company is an exciting new startup, a mid-sized firm

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