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Looking Beyond Silicon Valley: Lessons on Diversity & Inclusion

A few weeks ago, I attended INFORUM’s event “Beyond Bro Culture: Tech’s New Leadership Lens,” where a panel of top technology executives discussed how to build the next wave of

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Communicating the Next Frontier of Artificial Intelligence

As 2018 draws to a close, the tech world is lighting up with predictions for the coming year. Buzzy trends like mobility, automation, and health tech get even buzzier as

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PR: Facts vs Myths

Public relations is a very misunderstood profession. Since I declared it as a major, I heard conflicting speculation from the media and relatives alike about whether it is dying, growing

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The Winners of Social Media, According to a Gen Zer

It is going to take some strong mastery of the internet to maintain brand loyalty from a generation that spends about 10 hours online every day. Gen Z is 59 percent more likely

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Politically Correct Days are Over for Brands

Companies have increasingly felt pressure from younger consumers to take a stance on hot topics. Millennials and Gen Zers have been shown to support brands whose values align with theirs

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Five Things I Learned as a PR Intern

For college students aspiring to be PR professionals, internships are vital for getting hands-on experience and connecting with professionals in the industry.

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Is Social Media Killing Fashion Week?

New York, Paris, London and Milan have all wrapped up their winter/fall Fashion Weeks, and the next round of shows will be for Spring/Summer collections later this year. While fashion

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How the Latest Facebook Updates Affect Influencer Marketing

As social media continues to grow into an integral aspect of many of our lives, there’s no denying the powerful impact influencer marketing is having on consumer behavior and brand

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How to Hijack the News

A client recently commented to me that the real value of a PR professional is his or her ability to generate results in lieu of hard news, and I couldn’t

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Five Basic Tips for Influencer Marketing Success

The proliferation of social media, the flood of emails in our inbox each day, and the fact that PR pros now outnumber journalists in the U.S. by a 5 to

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