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Senior Marketing Execs Share Advice Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic (Part 1)

As brands navigate their strategies and programs during COVID-19 as best as they can, Gravitate PR asked a number of savvy, senior and seasoned marketing executives for their thoughts on

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Public Relations During the Coronavirus

The turn of the decade has introduced new words and phrases into our daily conversations. Coronavirus. COVID-19. Social distancing. Social isolation. Shelter-in-place.

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Great Power, Great Responsibility: Venture Capital in a "Winner Takes All" World

Venture capital is set to reach $100 billion of investment for this year alone. With the power to decide which startups will become the next “unicorn”, venture capitalists (VCs) are

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The Future of Your Social Feed and What it Means for Marketers

Last week, Sen. Josh Hawley revealed the Social Media Addiction Reduction Technology Act (or SMART) in an effort to reduce our addiction to endless scrolling on social media

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Cybersecurity - A Media Perspective

Cybersecurity is a burning issue in 2019, especially among media. From a niche hushed topic, it has definitely crawled its way to become a common trend in the current age

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Mastering Your First CES

Before attending my first CES, the real question was, could I even be prepared for everything I was seeing?

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Looking Beyond Silicon Valley: Lessons on Diversity & Inclusion

A few weeks ago, I attended INFORUM’s event “Beyond Bro Culture: Tech’s New Leadership Lens,” where a panel of top technology executives discussed how to build the next wave of

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Communicating the Next Frontier of Artificial Intelligence

As 2018 draws to a close, the tech world is lighting up with predictions for the coming year. Buzzy trends like mobility, automation, and health tech get even buzzier as

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PR: Facts vs Myths

Public relations is a very misunderstood profession. Since I declared it as a major, I heard conflicting speculation from the media and relatives alike about whether it is dying, growing

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The Winners of Social Media, According to a Gen Zer

It is going to take some strong mastery of the internet to maintain brand loyalty from a generation that spends about 10 hours online every day. Gen Z is 59 percent more likely

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