Meet Gordon Hahn

Meet Gordon Hahn

We want to give a big welcome to our newest Graviteam member Gordon Hahn! 

With a History and Global Studies degree from UC Santa Barbara and prior internship experiences in fintech and a PR agency, we’re happy to have Gordon join our team as an Account Coordinator.  We had a chance to virtually sit down with Gordon, and learn more about him through a few introductory questions. Let’s take a look at what he had to say: 

How did you get into PR?

Initially, I was into government and politics as I really wanted to help constituents get their voices out. But then, I read books that showed me how technology’s really changing the world and saw how dynamic, creative, and fast-moving tech was. Combined with my love for writing and understanding people, I realized that I love to tell technology’s stories of innovation through PR. With PR, I can dissect and understand what each tech company stands for. So, I became a PR intern for a fintech startup, which helped me get an internship at a PR agency, and ultimately led me here to Gravitate. 

What made PR so interesting?

I just love to know what’s going on in the world – Professionally, being a part of the process of taking that information and amplifying our client’s voices in whatever industry they’re in, is interesting to move a tech business forward, especially here at Gravitate where we work with startups that are new and fresh. 

What has been the hardest part?

A love of fast business keeps things interesting and never boring. But sometimes it can feel like 10 things are flying around you, and you have to balance 20 plates spinning on your hands! But, working together, and being patient is the key. 

How have you enjoyed working at Gravitate PR so far? 

It’s been really well. With a small team, everyone’s very close-knit and understanding, and the communication is good. The best part about a startup is there’s less of a hierarchy, where no one’s talking “above” or “below” anyone, and everyone’s voices are heard.  

I also enjoy our focus on startups and helping brand new and fresh clients get their voices out there. 

Is there any particular topic or technology that you want to explore more?

Sustainability or smart cities. I love all kinds of tech PR, but especially that which deals with the development of society and making things more efficient. 

What are some hobbies or activities that you like? 

I’m trying to be more of a reader. Currently, I’m reading the 21 Lessons of the 21st century by Yuval Noah Harari. In this pandemic, I’m also learning to be okay with doing activities alone, such as exploring San Francisco and cooking new foods.

What did you do for fun in the past that you haven’t had as much time for lately? 

Traveling! I’m also a big foodie – I love going to bars, and restaurants, but those options are currently very limited. 

Favorite movie genre, book, or song? 

Song – Sun Will Set by Zoe Keating 

Movie Genre – Comedy and Life Epic dramas (i.e. the show “Sinner”) 

Book – Steve Jobs – Walter Isaacson.

What fictional place would you most like to visit?

Motunui – The Island that Moana lives on. 

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?

Hanging with friends. 

What is your ideal place to travel?

East Asia (Singapore) or Latin America (Havana, Mexico City) 

What’s your favorite food?


What’s a fun fact that most people don’t know about you?

My moms’ side of the family is Russian, and I can speak Russian! 

Pet Peeve?

When people take forever to respond! 

Bryanna Walley is an account coordinator, working with clients in areas including influencer marketing, AI and HR tech. Bryanna's love for writing drew her to PR, and she is currently working on a book that she plans to self-publish. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in journalism from Penn State University.

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