Meet Alivia Kasumov

Meet Alivia Kasumov

Let’s give a big welcome to Alivia Kasumov, our newest GraviTeam member! With a degree from San Francisco State University in Communication and Media Studies with a minor in Political Science as well as multiple internship experiences under her belt, we are excited to have Alivia join us as an Account Coordinator. We had a chance to ask her a few introductory questions, let’s see what she had to say:


How did you get into PR?

I got into PR through my major in college, which was Communications and a lot of people in that major pursued careers in public relations so I took a similar path and did internships both in-house and in agencies, which kickstarted my career in PR. I always felt that communication was one of my best skills and I loved writing, research, and presenting so it really solidified my decision to enter this industry.

How have you enjoyed working in PR and Gravitate PR so far? 

I really like it a lot, I have been able to experience the different facets of PR like communicating with media contacts, writing press releases, coming up with pitches, and speaking with clients. It’s been a great learning experience!

What are some things you want to learn?

I want to get more experience writing pitches because the clients that I have worked with in the past have been primarily lifestyle companies so the method of pitching was very different compared to tech and enterprise companies so I definitely want to refine my skills. I am also interested in learning more about VR, which has been around for a while, but is very new to me so I want to experience more of it and learn how it can impact the world. E-commerce is also interesting to me, I have a client based in this industry and it has been constantly evolving since the onset of the pandemic (I’m also a big online shopper). 

What are some hobbies or activities that you like? 

I play the guitar whenever I have the free time and I go biking a lot, recently I bought a bike rack for my car and have been going to Golden Gate Park on days with good weather. I’m also into art, I used to go to museums a lot so I hope they will reopen eventually. Oh and I have a 2 year-old dog named Lucky, we often go exploring different parts of the city, hiking, road trips, and other outdoor activities.

Favorite movie, book, and song? 


Gone Girl

New Person- Same Old Mistakes

Favorite food?

Pizza (Combo, veggie, pepperoni) 

Most Memorable Moment?

In 2018, I went on a little European trip to London and Paris, I had never been to Europe before and the only place I had travelled outside of the U.S was Vancouver. I had always wanted to go to Paris as a kid and it was a long awaited trip so seeing it in person was surreal! I also ended up loving London more than I expected, it was like a mix of San Francisco and New York with more nature sprinkled in.

Ideal place to travel?

I was planning on traveling to Stockholm, Sweden this year, but unfortunately that didn’t happen so I hope to pick up on it later. 

Pet peeve? 


A fun fact about you?

I was born in SF, I lived in SF my whole life and I plan to stay in SF.

Wynton is an account coordinator, based in San Francisco. He interned at Gravitate on several occasions before joining full-time to work on a variety of enterprise technology clients. Wynton’s strengths include his research and analytic capabilities, and his uncanny ability to understand highly-technical concepts and convey them to reporters, teammates and the general public.

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