GraviGreat Awards: It’s a tie!

GraviGreat Awards: It’s a tie!

Welcome back to our #GraviGreat series! At Gravitate we are lucky to have an amazing team who are dedicated to their PR craft and bring a wide diversity of strengths (and interests) to the table. This monthly series will highlight our best and brightest teammates, who have been nominated by their coworkers for their work and tenacity.

In March we experienced a GraviGreat first: TWO WINNERS!!! So we are profiling Wynton Yu and Kayla Quock!



Wynton started with Gravitate PR back in the summer of 2017 as an intern while he was a junior in college. After interning at Gravitate an amazing three times, he was hired as an Account Coordinator upon graduation. With a wide breadth of knowledge in high tech processes and workflows, his knack for problem-solving and research has also landed him our office’s honorary CTO title.  

The Gravitate team selected Wynton to receive the GraviGreat award because he is not only a steller researcher but he has been able to translate some very nuanced and complex client projects into easily-digestible text and advise clients on subtle trends emerging in their fields. 

Wynton is also a big history buff who spends a lot of his free time reading, watching documentaries, and taking advantage of free museum days.

He also is an amazing team player and has an encyclopedic knowledge of novel treats and delicacies that can be discovered in San Francisco and the greater Bay Area. If you follow us on social media, you may already know that he is quite a boba tea connoisseur (check it out on our Instagram stories).



Wynton didn’t just intern at Gravitate during college, he was a three-time intern that was hired so soon as he graduated from San Jose State University.

So, got you so excited to intern multiple times for Gravitate PR?

W: The thing that I love about Gravitate is that there is always something new that I can learn from my coworkers and from my clients. Whether it’s a new story idea from brainstorming or a new technology that a client wants to discuss, every day is interesting. 

Do you have any advice for folks starting their career in PR?

W: Do your research and leave a good impression. You want to be prepared and informed about the company and the industry that you will be working in. The PR industry is a well-connected community and a good referral can go a long way. In fact, I was introduced to Gravitate after interviewing at a different company and although I didn’t get the job there, my interviewer referred me to Lisette later on. 

What would be a dream project or client for you?

W: I haven’t done anything that could be considered a “stunt” yet so that’s something that I would like to try my hands on. 



I’ve traveled to China, Canada, Japan, and Nicaragua. 

I’m a huge Nintendo fan, but never got past the first world in Super Mario World.

The first place I lived in when I moved to the U.S is right next to our current San Francisco office.

If I had to pick a superpower, it would be time travel. And when visiting past historic events, going to the future, I’d do it in a Delorean. 



Kayla started at Gravitate PR one year ago, on April Fools Day! At the time, she had very little idea of what it would be like because she had never worked in an agency before, let alone in a  PR position. Kayla’s in-house marketing, branding and design expertise has been an amazing resource to her clients. 

The Gravitate team selected Kayla for the GraviGreat award, in part, because she is a resilient worker that is able to think on the fly and provide insightful counsel to her clients when gameplans shift. She also has inspired her teammates to incorporate more visual components into campaigns that are launched on social media. And her daily runs and pictures from rock-climbing adventures are an inspiration in the office. 



While Kayla was already celebrating her one-year anniversary and her GraviGreat award, we can’t miss the opportunity to congratulate Kayla for her recent promotion from Senior Account Executive to Account Supervisor. A title that was well-earned!

What keeps me excited to come to work every day?: 

K: I think Gravitate has a team and culture that is scrappy and creative, while also maintaining a high level of deep and thoughtful work. I’m also inspired by my clients who are all doing amazing work in the tech industry – from cybersecurity to virtual reality. Luckily for me, they are also all wonderful people to work with, which, in my experience, can be a rare thing to find. 

Do you have any advice for folks starting their career in PR?

K: Be a sponge. You can learn a lot about the mechanics of PR, as well as the greater strategic thinking by simply paying attention to how the more experienced team members handle things.

And don’t take everything personally. Sometimes you’ll send a follow-up email to a reporter, just like you do to most reporters, and you’ll get a snippy reply asking you not to badger them. It might feel like a slap on the hand, but don’t take it personally. It just means it wasn’t a good fit and that reporter – like every other human – is trying to avoid the weight of a full inbox. 

What would be a dream project or client for you?

I would love to work for an outdoor company like REI or Hipcamp. Both do some amazing things in sustainability, stewardship, and accessibility. 



I know how to build two types of shelters out of snow that will keep you warm and snug in below freezing temps. 

I once played a music gig at Google HQ. 

I have a motorcycle license that I never, ever use. 

If I had to pick a superpower, I’d want the ability to talk to animals. Although, now that I’m thinking about it, given the state of animal treatment this may end up being more of a curse than a power. 

Wynton is an account coordinator, based in San Francisco. He interned at Gravitate on several occasions before joining full-time to work on a variety of enterprise technology clients. Wynton’s strengths include his research and analytic capabilities, and his uncanny ability to understand highly-technical concepts and convey them to reporters, teammates and the general public.

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