Case Study: CARMERA

Accelerating awareness of HD map technology
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CARMERA creates real-time HD maps that give driverless cars the ability to see, navigate and interpret streets and roadway conditions. The technology also has an impact for city planners, who can look at street-level snapshots and analyze over a period of time. Prior to working with Gravitate, the company had little media coverage, and was looking to stake a claim as key players in the autonomous vehicle industry.


  • Raise awareness of HD mapping technology, and highlight the important safety implications for AVs
  • Build relationships across key business, technology and industry (automotive, smart city) media and influencers
  • Drive a steady drumbeat of forward-looking narratives about the current and future state of AV


Over the last year, Gravitate has engaged in a highly proactive and aggressive media relations program, actively identifying a wide net of reporters for the CEO/co-founder to speak to on issues ranging from AV safety, smart cities, industry acquisitions and partnerships.


In less than one year, Gravitate secured interviews and coverage in top-tier publications including Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Forbes, Quartz, CNN and the New York Times, as well as increased coverage in the automotive and technology trades by over 200%.

In 2021 CARMERA was acquired by Woven Planet, the advanced mobility subsidiary of the Toyota Motor Corporation.

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