Case Study: Beddr

The pioneer for precision sleep health
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Beddr is a sleep health company that bridges the gap between clinical tech/data and expert-led behavioral change. The platform includes the SleepTuner (FDA-listed wearable that tracks and reports clinical-grade sleep data), an expert-led sleep coaching program and a nationwide network of sleep physicians, providing targeted and accessible treatment options for people with chronic sleep issues/disorders (e.g. insomnia and apnea).


  • Position Beddr as a leader in multiple categories including sleep health, diagnostics, coaching and consumer tech
  • Support lead generation efforts targeting consumers
  • Generate top-tier coverage across mainstream, technology and healthcare (trade) media


Gravitate worked closely with Beddr to create new company messaging (PR, website and social media content) to evolve the company from a sleep wearable (which Gravitate launched) to a more comprehensive sleep health company. In addition to the rebrand, Gravitate also spearheaded a product reviews program and built a thought leadership platform to position Beddr as a pioneer in the new category of precision sleep health.


In less than one year, Gravitate repositioned Beddr from a consumer wearable to a comprehensive sleep health platform and secured coverage in top tier and industry specific publications including CNBC, Forbes, VentureBeat and Mobihealthnews. During this time, the PR program was the main funnel driving for Beddr’s sales and partnerships.

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