Archive of: August, 2016

  • Seven avoidable reasons clients fire PR agencies

    While the PR industry continues to evolve, one constant is that every client relationship should be built on a strong partnership based on trust, strategic counsel, expertise and results. Unfortunately, PR agency/client relationships dissolve when they could have been well avoided. PR pros: below are the seven most common reasons why I’ve seen client relationships fizzle – and how to fix things before it’s too late.

  • How to hijack the news

    News hijacking is important because it drives brand visibility for your client, positions the executive as a thought leader and expert on the topic, and can position the company as a resource for media for future stories.

    For an effective news hijacking approach to work, it requires the following elements.

  • The strategic role of communications during an M&A

    It’s been a mega technology mergers and acquisitions (M&As) bingefest in the last month. Against the flurry and excitement of an M&A, communications cannot take a backseat during the process. Here are five steps that businesses and communications pros should take.