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Katie Yates

Senior Account Executive

Katie Yates works with clients in the computer vision/AI, ecommerce, martech and venture capital fields. In her role, Katie drives and executes her clients’ PR programs, where she incorporates her love for storytelling into identifying unique and compelling narratives and initiatives.

Previously, Katie spent almost eight years at Consortium Media, an integrated marketing communications agency where she developed campaigns for clients spanning the public, private and nonprofit sectors. These multifaceted campaigns included messaging/positioning of brands, media relations, events, digital/social media, and more.

Katie holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations from Cal Lutheran University.

How did you get into PR?

I've always loved to read and write so when I went to community college I took a few Journalism classes and fell in love with it. When I transferred to university, they didn't have a journalism degree so I switched to Communications where I took classes on public relations, I really enjoyed them so I decided to make it my emphasis and in the end made a career out of it.

What type of technology excites you the most?

The technology that excites me the most is the technology that will help people better their lives and move the world forward into a more sustainable future.

Favorite hobbies or activities?

I like to read and find the best places to eat!

Favorite movie or book?

My favorite book and movie is The Princess Bride. I also love anything Jane Austen related, book or movie.

Favorite food?

It's a tie between cheeseburgers and sushi.

Top destination you'd like to travel to?

I haven't traveled too much but I would love to travel to England and Ireland but also anywhere tropical.

Fun fact most people don't know about you?

I love to learn about world history, especially about royal families and how they're all interconnected.
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