5 Tips to Land Your Dream PR Career after College

Starting a PR career after college can be a daunting experience, especially in today's economic climate. As a recent graduate, I know firsthand the struggles of finding a job in this competitive field. After graduating college in May 2022, it took until January 2023 for me to finally land a full-time account coordinator position at Gravitate PR. At Gravitate, I now work with a diverse range of clients - from marketing analytics, transportation, semiconductors, and more. Since my time here, I have strengthened my skills in performing tasks such as drafting and sending pitches to the media, writing corporate social media posts for clients, and developing client relations skills.

If you’re uncertain about where to get started, here are a few tips on how to navigate the PR job search to land your dream role.

1. Find a PR Mentor

To fill the time between drafting job applications, I scheduled calls with PR professionals from LinkedIn connections and my school's alumni network. These calls provided me with valuable advice and insights into the industry, such as the importance of staying up-to-date on current media trends, helping me understand where I wanted to start my career (e.g. in an agency or in-house PR), and continuing to hone my writing skills. I was fortunate to have a PR professional in my LinkedIn network who became my career mentor. Through working with her, I learned what a career as a PR professional looked like and solidified my passion for telling the stories of startup tech companies. Working alongside her also provided me with great work experience as I continued to apply for PR positions.

2. Don’t Discount Your College “Work Experience”

Early on in the job search, it can be challenging to talk about related work experience. However, I realized I had more relevant experience than I initially thought, such as managing a club's social media accounts, a mock PR campaign for a class, and working with my PR mentor. It's important to recognize the value of these experiences as, up until graduation, they are your core "work experience." Contrary to popular belief, most recruiters aren't expecting recent graduates to have 5+ years of professional experience for an entry-level position.

3. Do Your Homework on the Companies and Agencies You are Applying to

Customize your preparation strategy accordingly. You want to understand the industry they work in, their values, and who their clients are. Working in PR requires a full commitment, and you will want to be passionate about the industry and the clients you would potentially be working with. This is especially true in the technology industry where “tech” can mean so many different things. Consider B2C if you are more interested in consumer-facing companies/products, and B2B if you are more interested in enterprise communications.

4. Interview and Connect with Professionals in Your Network

Earning an interview is a rare opportunity and a small victory, regardless of whether it leads to an offer. Approach every interview as an opportunity to learn and grow. If you are struggling to find job openings or a callback, consider joining your college's Facebook or LinkedIn group, if available. This is an option many colleges offer for their alumni to connect with and provide career advice to students and recent graduates who are searching for jobs in their respective fields.

5. Stay Organized

Recruiters may take weeks to follow up on your application, and during this time, you might need to remember the details of the position you applied for. It's important to keep notes about the role, application date, interviewers you spoke with, and job link to avoid confusion. This is especially helpful as most companies and agencies have multiple rounds of interviews and a timed writing assignment.

Landing a job in tech PR can be challenging, but with the right mindset and approach, it's possible to land your dream role. Don't be afraid to reach out to professionals in the industry, recognize your experience and that you belong, and stay organized throughout the process. Remember, every interview is an opportunity to learn and grow, so stay motivated, and keep pushing forward.

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Zach is an Account Coordinator who works with clients in areas including martech, climate tech, and semiconductors. He is responsible for supporting all aspects of media relations, including media relations, social media, and account management.

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