Positioning and messaging

Tailored talking points to help position the client consistently in describing who it is, what it offers, its customers, what benefits it delivers, its vision for the future, and other critical questions.

Media training

Training to help clients confidently and effectively build relationships with media and other influencers.

PR strategy and planning

Clear communications strategies and action plans to support clients’ objectives and goals.

Executive communications

Collaboration with company executives to build their brand profile, including topic development, content creation, and other thought leadership initiatives.

M&A and IPO communications

Specific communications strategies, messaging, and executive coaching for companies undertaking a significant and sensitive financial event.

Media relations

Proactive communication efforts such as press releases, one-on-one executive interviews, and other company interactions to build and maintain journalist relationships.

Analyst relations

Vendor briefings, inquiries, and other interactions with the analyst community.

Influencer relations

Activities to drive increased engagement with influencers online, including via social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.

Customer programs

Programs to identify and develop customer narratives to enable sales, marketing and PR, including case studies.

Thought leadership

Forward-looking strategies and materials to help position clients as market and thought leaders among its competitors and within industries.

Content creation

Creation of valuable, relevant and consistent content - including blogs, contributed articles and other materials.


Support for client-led events including presentation coaching and development, influencer relations, material development, and logistics management.

Speaking engagements

Creation of submissions to secure opportunities to present at industry events.

Crisis communications

Communication initiatives to protect and defend a brand facing a public challenge to its reputation.